Leading British Construction Group and Saudi Company (KABCON) Join Forces to Fuel Vision 2030 Growth       •       KABCON is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the contract for the SCADA and GSM communication network located in Diriyah Riyadh, on behalf of NESMA & Partners. The project is proposed to commence at the beginning of January 2024 with a milestone challenge of 45 days. KABCON partnering with LION-INC will implement the project with dedicated solely to the successful execution of the project covering many disciplines and team work aspects and subcontractors scope.

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Panel Board Factory

Khalid Al-Bahar Electrical Panels Factory (KPF) is one of the highly experienced Manufacturer of Electrical Panel Boards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Khalid Al-Bahr Electrical Panels Factory (KPF) is a division of Khalid Al Bahar Contracting Est. (KABCON) based in Dammam. KABCON has got more than two decades of experience in executive of Electrical works for various projects, realizing the need for modernized Electrical Panels. KABCON established Khalid Al-Bahar Electrical Panels Factory to meet the customers demand. KPF having its factory located in Dammam meeting the relevant standard & adopting latest technology for its design & Manufacturing activities.

Our Product Range

Explore Khalid Al-Bahar Electrical Panels Factory's comprehensive product range, setting the standard for excellence in Electrical Panel Boards. From distribution boards to control panels, our products seamlessly integrate the latest technology, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and compliance with industry standards.

KABCON is diversified group with extensive interests in Telecommunications, Security Systems, Electrical works, Mechanical, Construction, Manufacturer of Panel boards, Electrical Distributions, Power Transmissions, Renewable Energy & Industrial material supply.

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