Leading British Construction Group and Saudi Company (KABCON) Join Forces to Fuel Vision 2030 Growth       •       KABCON is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the contract for the SCADA and GSM communication network located in Diriyah Riyadh, on behalf of NESMA & Partners. The project is proposed to commence at the beginning of January 2024 with a milestone challenge of 45 days. KABCON partnering with LION-INC will implement the project with dedicated solely to the successful execution of the project covering many disciplines and team work aspects and subcontractors scope.

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Solar Energy


Elevate Your Energy Future with Our Solar Solutions

Embrace a sustainable future by choosing us as your trusted solar energy solutions provider. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, reliability, and environmental stewardship sets us apart in the realm of solar energy.

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Our Products and Services

Our commitment to excellence, innovation, reliability, and environmental stewardship sets us apart in the realm of solar energy. We specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining solar systems tailored to meet the unique energy needs of residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

Solar Panel Installation

Design and installation of high-quality solar panels to harness sunlight and convert it into clean and renewable energy.

Solar Inverter Solutions

Deployment of efficient solar inverters to convert direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into usable alternating current (AC) for powering electrical devices.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

Design and installation of off-grid solar systems for locations without access to the traditional power grid, providing a reliable and independent source of electricity.

Solar Battery Storage Solutions

Integration of advanced battery storage systems to store excess solar energy for later use, enhancing energy resilience and reducing dependence on the grid.

Solar Energy Monitoring and Maintenance

Implementation of monitoring systems to track the performance of solar installations, coupled with ongoing maintenance services to ensure optimal efficiency.

Solar Energy Consultation and Design

Consultation services to assess energy needs, design customized solar solutions, and provide comprehensive plans for seamless integration into existing infrastructures.


Choose Us as Your Trusted Solar Energy Solutions Provider

With a focus on harnessing clean and renewable energy, our team of experts ensures that your transition to solar power is seamless, efficient, and environmentally conscious. Choose us as your partner in sustainability, and let’s embark on a journey to empower tomorrow with the limitless potential of solar energy.


We pursue excellence in every aspect of our solar energy solutions, ensuring that our systems are designed, installed, and maintained to the highest standards, maximizing efficiency and performance.


Reliability is key in solar energy. Our commitment to reliability ensures that our solar systems consistently deliver optimal performance, providing a dependable and sustainable source of energy.


Innovation drives our approach to solar energy work. We stay at the forefront of solar technologies, integrating the latest advancements to provide cutting-edge solutions that harness energy more efficiently.

Environmental Stewardship 

Environmental stewardship is at the heart of our solar energy values. We prioritize sustainable practices in all phases of our work, contributing to a cleaner and greener future through the widespread adoption of solar power.

KABCON is diversified group with extensive interests in Telecommunications, Security Systems, Electrical works, Mechanical, Construction, Manufacturer of Panel boards, Electrical Distributions, Power Transmissions, Renewable Energy & Industrial material supply.

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