Leading British Construction Group and Saudi Company (KABCON) Join Forces to Fuel Vision 2030 Growth       •       KABCON is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the contract for the SCADA and GSM communication network located in Diriyah Riyadh, on behalf of NESMA & Partners. The project is proposed to commence at the beginning of January 2024 with a milestone challenge of 45 days. KABCON partnering with LION-INC will implement the project with dedicated solely to the successful execution of the project covering many disciplines and team work aspects and subcontractors scope.

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Saudi Green Initiative in Dubai

RIYADH — Scheduled to commence on Monday in Dubai, the third iteration of the Saudi Green Initiative Forum 2023 aligns with the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28).

Themed “From Ambition to Action,” the Saudi Green Initiative Forum 2023 aims to highlight ongoing initiatives and projects across various regions of Saudi Arabia. Serving as an annual platform, the forum brings together key policymakers, opinion leaders, and climate experts globally.

With over 80 initiatives underway, these represent substantial investments in the green economy, contributing to the overall objectives of the Saudi Green Initiative.

From Ambition to Action

This annual gathering facilitates the exchange of ideas, visions, and in-depth discussions among experts, focusing on effective approaches to address climate challenges and promote a sustainable future both locally and globally.

The 2023 edition’s agenda will concentrate on diverse topics, including financing climate action, innovating clean energy solutions, engaging various societal groups in climate action, and preserving land and marine areas in Saudi Arabia.

Discussions at the Saudi Green Initiative Forum 2023 will also encompass sustainability, the role of financing in enabling climate action, as well as tree planting and environmental rehabilitation.

The forum provides a platform for visitors to engage with and learn from a select group of climate experts from Saudi Arabia and around the world, gaining insights into key sustainability trends.

Launched in 2021 by Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed Bin Salman, the Saudi Green Initiative is an ambitious endeavor aimed at combating climate change, enhancing the quality of life, and safeguarding the planet for future generations. The initiative focuses on three main goals: emissions reduction, afforestation, and land and nature preservation.

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