Leading British Construction Group and Saudi Company (KABCON) Join Forces to Fuel Vision 2030 Growth       •       KABCON is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the contract for the SCADA and GSM communication network located in Diriyah Riyadh, on behalf of NESMA & Partners. The project is proposed to commence at the beginning of January 2024 with a milestone challenge of 45 days. KABCON partnering with LION-INC will implement the project with dedicated solely to the successful execution of the project covering many disciplines and team work aspects and subcontractors scope.

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Leading British Construction Group and Saudi Company Join Forces to Fuel Vision 2030 Growth

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – [Jan 2024] – In a move poised to accelerate infrastructure development and support for Vision 2030 goals, renowned British construction and engineering expert Edison Group (an Edison Capital company) and Kabcon, a leading Saudi Arabian construction services provider, have announced a strategic joint venture (JV). The partnership will capitalize on the combined strengths of both companies to unlock lucrative business opportunities in the Kingdom’s booming construction and electrical engineering sectors.

Edison Group, led by Chairman & CEO Calum Melville, brings decades of experience across diverse construction projects in the UK and internationally. Recognized for their expertise in project management, design, and build, the company has delivered landmark projects in various sectors, including healthcare, education, and commercial developments. Additionally, Edison Group holds a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation, aligning perfectly with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 aspirations.

Kabcon, under the leadership of Khalid AlBahar, has established itself as a trusted partner for construction services in Dammam and the surrounding region. Their extensive network, local market knowledge, and proven track record in project execution provide a solid foundation for the joint venture’s success.

This strategic partnership aims to leverage Edison Group’s international expertise and Kabcon’s local knowledge to create an unrivalled service offering for clients in Saudi Arabia. By combining their resources and capabilities, the JV seeks to:

Capture emerging opportunities: Collaboratively pursue lucrative business opportunities in the construction and electrical engineering sectors, fuelled by the Kingdom’s ambitious infrastructure development plans.

Accelerate market growth: Introduce Edison Group’s proven expertise and innovative solutions to the Saudi market, driving faster and more efficient project execution. Align operations with the Kingdom’s ambitious goals, contributing to economic diversification and job creation.


Calum Melville, Chairman & CEO, Edison Group: “We are excited to partner with Kabcon and contribute to the incredible transformation underway in Saudi Arabia. Our combined expertise and shared vision will enable us to deliver exceptional projects that support the Kingdom’s ambitious goals.

Khalid AlBahar, Proprietor, Kabcon: “This joint venture represents a significant step forward for Kabcon. By joining forces with Edison Group, we gain access to world-class expertise and innovative solutions, empowering us to better serve our clients and contribute to the nation’s development.

This joint venture signifies a significant boost to Saudi construction landscape, marking a collaborative effort to unlock growth and contribute to the realization of Vision 2030.

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